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We design simple graphic web site logos

Every business needs a simple but professional logo on their web site to truly look professional and established.

We don't do elaborate corporate logos - we design inexpensive but effective graphic logos for web sites. However, the most effective corporate logos are the most simple as well.

There is a definite philosophy involved in logo creation. Here are some important factors:

— Logos should be elongate rectangles for web use.

  • A square logo (if small) will look like a tiny postage stamp or, if large enough
    to be noticed will consume too much vertical "real estate".

An effective logo is graphically very simple - simple is far more effective.

  • The less there is to remember, the more is remembered.
  • A logo is not meant to be a picture - it is an icon.
  • Simple graphics retain details when reduced in size.

—A logo should also be effective in black and white.

  • Plan for success - it might end up on a fax header or in a newspaper, etc.

—Use appropriate graphic symbolism where possible.

—A professional logo makes you look established.


Logos by Michael Walls

Florida Coast Business Broker's new logo

Florida Coast Business Broker's Association




logos Gas station style logo for




A spin-off on - Southern Asia theme in logo graphic. Click to enlarge - can you spot the symbolism in the graphic?. logo design




logo Incorporated check mark into the K in check.




Logo for Clearwater Florida's Applied Technologies, or "AT", Group. AT Group




Internet Outsource Tampabay The simplest, yet still quite effective, logo uses only text - but done in an artful graphic manner.




Click for the color version of this logo.. American Business Brokers logo