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About onlinedesignFLA

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onlinedesignFLA specializes in creative content services: ad banners, graphic design, web design, copy writing / editing and digital photo & imaging.

We are partnered with Internet Outsource Tampabay who specializes in servicing small to mid size business with services like pre-designed business sites and programmed business functions.

I have done corporate photography, web / graphic design, editorial writing and studiomusic production in the past as separate fields. Now, a general contractor and consultant, I use my experience in these fields to unify a web site's look and feel and to select qualified talent for the team.

I have been involved in the arts all my life. Music, writing, photography and design. They all share a common thread that is intangible but always present in quality work. Stevie Wonder calls it "inner vision".

A successful web site is a combination of the technical and the artistic. Like an automobile, you need both good looks and dependable machinery under the hood to make the sale. In advertising (ad banners, etc) it's 100% appearance.

I started out in the music business with no (effective) union, no paid 'sick days,'  no pension plan or 401 Ks, no protection from unwarranted dismissal - no nothing - but pay for output. Freelance outsourcing is home to me; no changes necessary. I ally myself with people, who like myself, seek no guarantee other than fair pay for excellence.

.........Michael Walls



onlinedesignFLA Guarantees :

  • You will get your money's worth!

  • We will use many clever shortcuts to eliminate redundant tasks.

  • You'll be able to follow the progress of your site and your bill with bill tracking that is available to you 24-7. It's just like having a designer on-site.

  • Our rates will reflect low overhead that puts quality work within your budget. That's my guarantee.

  • All sites are created with Google and Yahoo design guidelines built in. There is way more to a web site than just what meets the eye. The largest part of SEO is accomplished by competent web design in the first place.

  • onlinedesignFLA will not over-engineer your project beyond your specific needs.


Please make use of the RESOURCES when planning a site, it is based on years of experience answering questions about planning a project and efficiently getting your materials to the designer for inclusion on your site. It's available 24 / 7. There is even help on putting your search words together.

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Web design and ad banners for the small to medium business


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