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Submitting your web site to search engines


The site submission process is a very important step in your web site's life.

You should have everything ready before you submit - or they will index all your errors!


    • Images optimized and tagged
    • Keywords tagged
    • Good meta description tags
    • Text tagged and edited for grammar and spelling errors
    • All links should function correctly
Search engines continually comb the web for content and will eventually find you by themselves — but who wants to wait! Most lesser search engines index the majority of their content from the "big boys", so hand submitting to the majors can be economically done by OnlineDesignFLA at normal design rates.

There are lots of programs and services that claim to submit your site to hundreds of search engines with a single click.

Think of these factors when considering an "auto-submission" program or service:


  • How many search engines can you name?

  • How many do you use?

  • Most search engines get their listings from Google and Yahoo!

  • If you are listed with the top players you will be picked up by the rest - no bull!

To submit your site someone must manually code your home page for Google, and be logged in to Yahoo to submit to them. For many others. like MSN, you must read and type a scrambled security code to submit. These all have to be done manually.

The search engine administrators do not want people spamming the search engines. The majors made sure that there is no way to auto submit to a legitimate search engine! There is only one effective way to submit your site to the world of search engines and Internet Outsource Tampabay does it that way.

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